Power of Attorney

Vance Law Office, PLLC, can help you draft a comprehensive, legally sound power of attorney, making sure you are legally safe and covered, no matter what happens.

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When you want to extend legal decision-making powers to someone else in your life, a power of attorney can be key to making sure that you are legally protected, but have the most help you can get. Powers of Attorney can be useful in business partnerships, marriages, and for people who are worried what might happen if they become incapacitated. They can allow you to hand over legal decision-making to a trusted person in your life, and can cover financial decisions, medical decisions, legal decisions, and more.

What We Do as Your POA Attorneys

  • Initial consultation to discuss your specific needs and objectives for granting someone a power of attorney.
  • Provide you with legal advice on the implications and limitations of granting someone a power of attorney, including the powers granted and when they become effective.
  • Draft a clear and legally sound power of attorney document that outlines the powers, limitations, and responsibilities of the chosen agent (attorney-in-fact).
  • Assist you in picking a trustworthy and capable agent in your life to act on your behalf.
  • Ensure the power of attorney document is properly executed, witnessed, and notarized to make it legally valid.
  • Advise you on the importance of keeping copies of the power of attorney document and providing copies to anyone who needs to know, such as banks or healthcare providers.
  • Explain to the agent you select what their duties and responsibilities are, emphasizing the importance of acting in your best interests and avoiding conflicts of interest.
  • Help you with the process of revoking or amending the power of attorney if circumstances change or trust is lost with the person you previously chose for power of attorney.
  • Can be hired to provide ongoing legal support to address any questions, concerns, or issues that may arise during your agent's use of the power of attorney.

Ask An Attorney About:  Power of Attorney

What is a power of attorney? Why would I need one?

A power of attorney is a legal document that grants someone you choose (the agent or attorney-in-fact), to be the legal authority to make decisions and act on your behalf in financial, legal, or healthcare matters. You might need one when you want to hand over decision-making on something like real estate or finances to an expert, or to make sure your interests are protected if you become incapacitated.

Can I revoke a power of attorney? Do they expire?

Yes, you can revoke a power of attorney at any time, provided you have the capacity to do so. We can help you do so in a way that makes sure your agent, and anyone else who needs to know, is properly informed.

Powers of attorney only expire if you’ve put an expiration date on them. Otherwise, they are valid until you revoke them or you pass away.

Can I have more than one power of attorney in Tennessee?

Yes, you can have multiple powers of attorney for different purposes, such as one for financial matters and another for healthcare decisions. We can help you make sure that each power of attorney document is clear about its scope and responsibilities, and each agent knows what they need to do.